Can anyone help us with photos (both inside and out)
for the following:

The old swimming pool
The ice rink
The cinema
The Das Stubel Restaurant
The Pinewood Restaurant
The Crofters Bar
The Osprey Room
The Chalets Motel
The Strathspey Hotel
The Post House Hotel
The Badenoch Hotel
The Freedom Inn
La Pigalle Disco (underneath the Strathspey Hotel)
The Aviemore Blackhawks Ice Hockey Team
The fountains in the Centre
Steiner’s Hairdressers
R.S. McColls
Cairdsport Ski Shop
The arcade/games room next to the ice rink
The go kart track
Santa Claus Land and everything in it, especially Santa’s house
The Wild West Fort
The narrow gauge railway
The North Pole
The craft units in Santa Claus Land
The Pony Trekking
The Pets Farm

The dry ski slope next to the Post House Hotel
Geordies chipper bus
The crazy golf
The Illicit Still Bar in the Post House Hotel
The Wolf Bar and Viking Bar in the Badenoch
The Cocktail Bar in the Strathspey
Cynthia’s Disco
Rox Nightclub
The Winking Owl
The Craigellachie Bar
The Fraser Room
The Woodshed Bar at Coylumbridge
The Red MacGregor Hotel

The Trampies – Donny MacDonald and Arthur MacLean
Bill Paul and Gillie
The Bobby Jean Trio – aka Bobby Jean and the Scots Boys

The Happy Haggis chip shop
The White Lady Chairlift at Cairn Gorm
The chairlift stations
Coire na Ciste
The old Ptarmigan Restaurant at the top of Cairn Gorm

We’d like photos of all of these great places and people,
so please please send us any if you have them.
Everyone is really enjoying looking at the old photies.

Does anyone have posters advertising events held in and around Aviemore and the Centre?
There was always loads going on so there must be lots of old adverts and posters floating
around out there.  Curling and ice hockey matches on the ice rink.  The Trampies, Bobby Jean Trio,
celebs that played at the Aviemore Theatre.  Anyone have posters advertising It’s a Knockout at
Aviemore Ice Rink in the 70’s?  Events going on up at Cairn Gorm?  There was always something
going on at the Red MacGregor.  What about the Ski 'n Dhu/Ski-ing Doo?? where you could write
messages on the wall?  Events, attractions, celebrity visits, Hogmany parties, Christmas parties?

Does anyone have newspaper articles relating to happenings in Aviemore back then?
Absolutely anything that relates to the old Aviemore Centre and village life up until the Centre
was finally destroyed.  It doesn’t matter what it is, if it happened, we’d like to know about it and
share it on the website.  We’d like to get hold of a lot of archive material relating to the time of
the Centre – the mid 60’s to the mid 90’s.  If anyone has newspaper clippings of the early days of
the Centre, building of it etc, this would be great as we have nothing like this as yet on the website.
Photocopies are fine, as long as they’re readable.  What developments took place in the village?
What was the gossip??  We have some fantastic pictures on this website of Aviemore before the
days of the Centre.  Does anyone know who the people were in the photo taken outside of the garage?
Who can tell us more about the ‘Pot Luck Tea Room’ near the station?

If you have posters or adverts for anything that happened in and around Aviemore, please either
email them or post them to us.  If you send originals and want them returned, please send them
recorded delivery and we will return them to you and refund any postage costs.

If we could, we’d have every snippet of information ever printed about Aviemore on this website,
but sadly that’s not possible.  Also, unfortunately for us, we presently reside in Warwickshire
(someone’s got to!!!!!) so we are several hundred miles away from the Highlands.  I understand
that a gentleman in Aviemore has a huge book with the history of the Aviemore Centre in it.
I wish we could see it as I’ve been told that it’s just what we’re after.  So we are depending on
the good folk of Aviemore and anyone who used to live in the area to hopefully supply us with as
much information of this bygone era as they possibly can.  We’d like to make the website as big
and as interesting as possible with as much info about the area as we can get so that everyone
remembers what a great place it used to be and the memories live on.