Hi everyone.

I hope that you are enjoying the website.  People seem to be enjoying reminiscing about the
‘old Aviemore of yesteryear’ and we are really enjoying getting all your lovely emails and photos.
Keep them coming please.

I know we’re diversifying a bit here, but my main hobby is cross-stitch.
As you would expect, if you’ve read ‘Julie’s Aviemore’ on the website you'll have
 got the distinct impression that I am ‘Scotland mad!’, and my favourite cross stitch projects are
always those that have anything to do with Scotland.  I have done a few in the past,
which I have put on the website, but my latest one was the biggest ever! 

I sent the photos of the finished picture to some cross stitch magazines and two of them
featured my project.  I got the Star letter in ‘New Stitches’ magazine in the February 2007 issue
and I had a full page spread in ‘Cross Stitcher’ magazine in the May 2007 issue.

I have put together this section for anyone who enjoys cross stitch and would like to share any their projects
that they are proud of with everyone else.  There are millions of us cross-stitchers and we all like to see what
other people are doing.  I do have to keep it to ‘Scottish themed projects’ only though, otherwise, I might
end up with my own on line cross stitch mag!!!!!!, so Scottish themed only please.  If you have anything
that you would like to share on the website, you can either email or send us your photos and we will put
them on the website for you and return your photos to you.

If you would like to know where I bought any of the charts, please ask and I’ll send you the details
(providing I can remember!!), as some were done some time ago.  If anyone would like any help
putting a project together, like the big one that I have just done, I will be more than happy to help
or advise if I can.  Not all, but a lot of my charts and kits came from
Cathy Freeman at Isle of Skye Crafts.  Her website address is
and her phone number is 01478 612361.  Click on the website address underlined above to go there.

I’m about to collect another project that I’ve done from the framers of the Lavender and Lace Celtic seasons,
so perhaps I’ll put that on here as well.

Anyway, if you would like to contribute anything "arty crafty", please feel free to send a photo.
We’d love to see it.

Best wishes,



Click on the images below to view them larger size


My huge
Scottish sampler

Mary Hickmott's
FEB 2007

"Star Letter"

"Alba Nadarrach"


Scottish Sampler

Piper, dancer & thistle

** Do you have a Scottish craft project that you're proud of? **
Why not send me a photo to put on these pages?

 You can email me at: julie@auldaviemore.co.uk