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Welcome, one and all, to


This web site is a celebration of the old and wonderful Aviemore and it's famous Highland resort centre,
and is a collection of photos, stories and memories from around the world since it's inception in the
mid 1960's through to the late 1990's.

Do you remember old Aviemore of the 60s/70s/80s/90s ? “The Centre”, Santa Claus Land,
the Strathspey, Badenoch, Post House and Freedom-Inn hotels?
How about the Pinewood restaurant and shops, the Chalets Motel,
the wonderful "La Pigalle" nightclub/discotheque and last, but not least,
the fabulous ICE RINK?
Did you work there? Did you spend your holidays there?
Did you have a holiday romance or perhaps "fall in love" there? 

Do you remember how fabulous it used to be when Aviemore was a traditional Highland village
and family resort?  This new website needs photos, stories and memories from you
to share with everyone.  Please help us get this new website up and running and have your say,
as a tribute to the “Auld Aviemore” of yesteryear.

Please send your photos, letters, news cuttings or old brochures, tickets - in fact anything at all you think would
be of interest to us, or even if you'd just like to show your holiday snaps (preferably showing the centre
or town, with a date if possible) and please include a return address if you would like us to return them to you.

***Contributions are especially welcome from residents and overseas visitors***

Please send to:
Julie and David
“Auld Aviemore”
178 Dalnabay
PH22 1TD
United Kingdom 
or email us at