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The Aviemore Centre as viewed from Craigellachie mountain 1978
The Strathspey Hotel 1977
The Post House, Christmas 1979 The Chalets Motel, 1979
The Aviemore Chalets Motel 1977
This is the "North Pole" which used to stand
just opposite Santa Claus Land. Just a big
block of ice. Taken Christmas 1978

The old dry ski slope in the Centre, next to to old Post House Hotel.  Taken January 1977
Santa Claus resided in Aviemore,
365 days a year.  This was taken
at Christmas 1978 I think.
Santa was going off for a tea break
and he stopped for a photo.
Santa's real name is George.
More photos of "Santa George" on the
"Your Photos" page and in "AvieMaria's"
                          memories in "Your Memories"

My friend Ros and I, at the Post House Hotel in 1977 with the waiter, Iain MacRury

Me at the Strathspey Hotel, Summer 1985

The small loch at the bottom of Craigellachie mountain 1977

Me with the wild reindeer in Cairngorm
car park Christmas 1979

Cairngorm car park 1979, reindeer roaming wild

Wild reindeer roaming freely at Cairngorm,
Christmas 1979

Snow completely covered everything and
how beautiful it looked. The ski road 1979
The ski road, Christmas 1979

The Ptarmigan Restaurant, Cairngorm 1978

The old Ptarmigan Restaurant at the top of Cairngorm mountain, Christmas 1979

A complete white out up at Cairngorm mountain, Christmas 1979
The river just up past Glenmore on the ski road

Who remembers the old snow information board that used to be placed at the White Lady Chairlift?  Now resides in the at Cairngorm Coire-na-Ciste base station

The only remaining original feature up at the Cairngorm mountain.  The chairlift now gone

Me with one of the old White Lady chairs.  Now resides in the at Cairngorm Coire-na-Ciste base station
  A beautiful snowy Christmas tree at Glenmore
An old White Lady Chairlift sign, now residing in the Cairngorm Coire-na-Ciste base station
Sledging at Glenmore on the ski road Christmas 2003
Us, on the Ski Road, in the snow  

Sledging on the banks of the Hilton Hotel, Christmas 2001
The Strathspey Hotel.  This picture is dated 1964?  Can anyone tell us when the extension was built?
The site of the old ice rink, now demolished.  Taken in 2002

The Cairngorm reindeer came to visit us with Santa at the Hilton Hotel.  Taken Christmas day 2002
The restaurant in the Hilton Hotel taken 2003.  Again, when you sit in it, nothing much has changed since the days of the Strathspey The reception area at the Hilton Hotel is about the only internal change, apart from the swimming pool
Aviemore Kart Raceway 2002 Aviemore Kart Raceway.  Taken at Christmas 2002, just before it disappeared
The lounge bar at the Hilton Hotel, taken Christmas 2003, nothing much has really changed since the days of the Strathspey Hotel Another picture of the lounge bar at Xmas at
the Hilton Hotel (formerly the Strathspey)
Again, not much changed since back then
Aviemore Church, Xmas Eve 2001
Aviemore Ice Rink.
Scottish Mutual Conference, November 1992
Loch Morlich, taken 2003

Loch Morlich, taken 2003
Loch Morlich, taken 2003

Newly married, in the gazebo, within the gardens of the Gretna Hall Hotel

Julie and I, just married, August 2006
standing behind the marriage anvil in the Linton Room at the Gretna Hall Hotel

Under the "Kissing Gate", with the piper standing ready to pipe us into the courtyard as Mr & Mrs Carman