I wrote this ditty just in case Shepherd Neame ever decided to create an ale that needed a name that indelibly linked it to it’s home-grown roots, the town that gave birth to the nations oldest brewery.  I thought it’d be good on the label.

I married a ‘Queen’ from Faversham and now she’s a ‘Carman’ but I’ll always think of her as my Maid of Kent even though we now live far away.

So here it is,


To Julie,

‘The Faversham Queen…..’



The Queen of the May was returning one day

From Whitstable down by the sea

As she drove by the inn she was met with a grin

From the landlord who called out with glee.


“Our new ale has arrived” and he boasted with pride

That the brew was the best Shepherd Neame

Fruity, tasty and sweet, a most thirst-quenching treat

And they’ve christened it ‘Faversham Queen’.


Now the girl born and bred in that town aforesaid

Took a drop of the nectar to try

And exclaimed in a way that’s remembered today

‘It’s the best beer that money can buy!’


So when choosing the hop, down the cream of the crop

There’s no other ale’s pedigree truer

Get the Shepherd Neame flavour, a taste you will savour

From our oldest and most famous brewer.