'David's Ramblings'

Hello everyone and welcome to my little website

Here we have some of my literary efforts, some projects still under construction and also
some ramblings from someone who really should know better at his age.....

Enjoy and please send me a message to let me know what you think.

David  (davidcarman67@gmail.com)

A collection of scribblings from me.....


  The origin of Billy the Cat & Katie
(full authorised story)

  Lizzie, Queen of the Witches
(an excerpt of my best story)

  Harry's Gold
(an original story)

  Whatever happened to
Billy the Cat and Katie?

  A Tale Of Old Fred
'The Capper'
(Shepherd Neame)

  Queen Of The May
'A Faversham Ditty'
(Shepherd Neame)

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