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'Billy the Cat and Katie - The Beginning'

               (in the style of an old Beano novel...
                    read it like you are 10 years old again)

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               "Billy the Cat and Katie"

               The origins of Billy the Cat and Katie by David Carman (who was once 8 years old)


               A warm orange glow flickered in the windows of a small thatched cottage on the edge of
               Burnham. The excited voices of young children could be heard as I approached and knocked on
               the door.  There was the sound of footsteps from inside and then.......

               Amy, Emily, Lucy and Harry sat wide-eyed on the rug in front of the crackling log fire
               as Granddad continued his story. ‘As he raced across the rooftops Billy the Cat could see the
               getaway car driven by the jewel thieves racing through the dimly lit streets. Just behind him
               Katie was ready to swing into action.’ ‘I think that's quite enough excitement for one day. Come
               along now, it's time for bed.’ Great Aunt Kathleen wasn't one to be argued with, especially after
               she and Granddad had agreed to look after the little ones whilst their parents were taking a
               well needed break.

               ‘You will finish the story tomorrow won't you Granddad, please say you will?’ the children
               chorused. After good night hugs and kisses and reassurances of finishing the story all four were
               safely tucked up in bed, very tired but with their heads full of Granddad’s amazing stories.

               Emily, the youngest, was the most excited and sat up straight on her bed. ‘Do you think they'll
               catch the robbers?’ she whispered across the bedroom in the moonlight’s silver shadows. ‘Of
               course they will, they always do,’ Amy whispered back. She was the oldest and at nearly seven
               and a half she had heard nearly all of Granddad’s stories before, but now she was beginning to
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