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set fire to and shoot through the material but had no success. He had found out something very
               exciting though. He discovered exactly what chemicals were used to make the old piece of cloth
               turn into this fantastic new material. ‘I think I shall call it Janetlite after your mother, after all it
               was really due to her that this invention was created, purely by accident of course. This new
               material is almost indestructible William and I think that any clothing made from it would have
               to be prepared and made to the right size before being soaked in the chemicals to transform it.
               I think what we will do is make a suit of clothes, a sort of one-piece flight-suit of material and
               then turn it into a new suit of Janetlite by soaking it in the chemicals. What do you think
               William? Would you like to try on a flight-suit made of Janetlite?’ William beamed and nodded;
               ‘Yes please’.

               Chapter 2 - The Cat

               In a couple of days William's mother had sewn together a strange kind of coverall with a belt
               and a zip fastener which made putting it on very easy for William. After him trying it on a few
               times William's mum made some adjustments gave it to his father to treat with the chemicals.
               It didn't seem as though it was the same suit when William tried it on afterwards because it
               looked and felt so different. It was as if the suit had become part of William's body because it
               was so light and close fitting. It stretched when William stretched and it really didn’t feel as if
               William had any other clothes on top of the ordinary clothes he was wearing underneath.
               Added to the suit was a pair of chemically treated rubber soled plimsolls that William’s father
               had made especially for him. These were made with soles that would grip almost any surface in
               any weather, ideal for running and climbing his father said.

               As William put the helmet on the world seemed to change around him. Where as everything
               was previously all different colours, William could see so much clearer yet everything he looked
               at had a strange glow about it and it didn't take long to find out why, because as soon as his
               mother turned out the lights William could still see everything as clear as day. ‘It’s called night-
               vision, a little something extra I've been working on and as it's built into the visor of the
               helmet.  You can just drop it down to see in the dark. Clever eh?’ Clever wasn't the word and
               William was astounded to be able to walk around inside the dark shed as if it was broad
               daylight. His mother had been extra busy too as she had made a backpack to carry items out of
               the same material which had been chemically treated also. But something felt very strange to
               William and he told his father so, that inside the suit he was feeling a little odd. ‘We’ll go
               outside for a walk and get some fresh air; we could do with some exercise after being cooped
               up indoors for hours.’ As they opened the shed door and his parents walked outside William
               accidentally brushed against the shelves that held all his fathers glass jars of chemicals. The
               shelves wobbled, then rocked and then jars and bottles starts to fall onto the floor, whereupon
               there as an almighty explosion.

               Scrambling to their feet Mr and Mrs Grange looked around for William but he was nowhere to
               be seen. The shed was in pieces on the grass with smoke and flames coming from the wooden
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